Two Bums N A Burger: November 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006


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If Not You
By Dr. Hook

Here is an example of Serayha and I on our not-so-best behaviour:
This is the story (To my recollection)...
A long time ago on a hot summer’s day, Auntie Carol was baby sitting the fantastically and amazingly well behaved Serayha and Alyce. Auntie Carol was smart not to baby sit us at her house and instead chose Uncle Brett and Auntie Donna's new house. We decided to play out in the front yard which was basically made up of a pile of dirt and one large hole.

We decided, because we were on our fantastically and amazingly best behaviour, asked if we could play with the hose. Auntie Carol said "Sure girls" I kinda remember her saying something about being allowed to make an in ground pool as a nice surprise for Auntie Donna and Uncle Brett. We spent the next few hours amusing ourselves by slowly filling up the hole with water, at this stage the pool was turning out GREAT. As you can see we were adding the finishing touches as Auntie Carol poked her head around the corner and gasped at what we had done.

She must have been really impressed by our pool because she almost fainted when she saw it. We were so proud of ourselves when she told us to stand next to our pool to pose for a photo.

So if anyone is interested in any backyard renovations Serayha and I can whip you up a pool in no time!

Growing Up Together

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two Bums N A Burger

Two bums and burger, back in action. older then ever seen before. with our own blog site. CHECK IT OUT!

Over the years weve accomplished many things.
We have done:
Carving experts
Hidden meat supply an deliver
Radio network station
House building